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Ball Chain carries a wide variety of hooks for a multitude of applications, including our exclusive 'A' Hooks for advertising sign display, cubicle curtain carriers, snap hooks, and more.
Chain Display Hooks 'A' Hook
The most practical chain and hook system for sign display, item retention, and similar applications. The 'A' Hook combines the classic 'A' Coupling with the C9 Hook to form a single attachment that can be used for hanging sings, retaining small objects, or use for a variety of similar applications.
Snap Hooks Snap Hooks (1"), Nickel Plated Steel or Brass Plated Steel
Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 1"
Diameter of large curve: 5/16"
Diameter of small curve: 3/16"
C2 Hooks C2 Hooks
Please note that a special "Plier" tool is need to attach the C-2 hook to the #6 chain. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the pliers.

101 Hooks 101 Hooks, Nickel Plated Steel
These nickel plated steel hooks have a variety of applications as wall hooks, storage hooks, and hardware hooks.

C9 Hooks C9 Hooks, Nickel Plated Steel
Nickel plated steel C9 Hooks have a variety of applications, including peg board hooks, hardware hooks, storage hooks, and more.

S Hooks S-Hooks, 3/4", Nickel Plated Steel
3/4" length nickel plated steel S-Hook with .072" wire diameter. S-Hooks have a variety of applications, including as a lifting hook and a connector for loop chain, among others.

Combination Pliers Combination Pliers
These pliers are used for attaching C-2 Hooks to #6 chain. They can also be used to form endless loops out of the chain, attach end rings to the chain and to close the "open balls". #3 size works with 3/32" open balls or chain, #6 size works with 1/8" open balls or chain and #10 size works with 3/16" open balls or chain. Please contact us for additional information on how to use the combination pliers.
Cubicle Curtain Carrier Style 2 Cublicle Curtain Carriers (STYLE 2)
Overall Length: 2-1/2"
Hook: 1-3/8"
Plastic Carrier Width: 1-1/8"
Height: 5/8"